My mother was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer.
I made a comic strip about it.
Mom's Cancer is the true tale of my mother's battle with metastatic lung cancer. The story focuses on how a serious illness affects patient and family, both practically and emotionally, in ways that I've discovered are very common. Many readers wrote to tell me how surprised and gratified they were to learn they weren't alone.
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In July 2005, Mom's Cancer won the comic industry's
Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic, a new category
this year. The award is a great honor and I'm very
grateful. Click "The Eisner Awards" button below to see some photos and a brief report on the ceremony, held during the enormous Comic-Con International in San Diego.
In Spring 2006, Abrams Books will publish a hardcover edition of Mom's Cancer, which will be available in bookstores everywhere. My editor and I are working hard to create a book that I think will be really different and special. Unfortunately, as a result, Mom's Cancer is no longer available online. However, if you previously asked permission to use it for educational purposes OR you are facing a similar challenge yourself and think Mom's Cancer might help, please contact me at: