In December 2005 I was interviewed for an Internet radio program by Jon Filitti of Out of This World and Jon is a therapist and mental health counselor who uses comics as a tool to reach troubled adolescents. He was very well prepared and I thought we had a great conversation. The interview, which is about 55 minutes long, is available at the
Therapy Toolbox Internet Radio Show or can be downloaded by clicking  HERE.
Jen Contino has interviewed me twice--in January 2005 and April 2006--for "The Pulse," an Internet column of "comic book news, opinions and insight" hosted by Jen always asks perceptive questions and did a nice job putting the articles together.
In July 2005, I did an interview for the Animation World Network website. This was just prior to the Eisner Awards and I was one of several people quoted in the article titled, "Digital Comics: A New Breed Comes Into the Fold," by Janet Hetherington.
In August 2006, Abrams sought to build on the great reviews and press Mom's Cancer had received since its release by putting out a new one-page "sell sheet" summarizing some of those appearances. Click here to see a PDF.
As 2005 closed and the publication date for Mom's Cancer approached, Abrams began releasing catalogs and placing ads to promote the book. The two links below lead to large images of some of those materials.
Abrams Books created a new imprint called  Abrams Image, for which Mom's Cancer is the flagship project. It's quite a responsibility and honor. In December 2005, Abrams Image released its spring catalog, a slim, gold-covered listing of upcoming publications.  Mom's Cancer was the first book in the catalog and given this two-page spread.
Diamond Comic Distributors is the major distributor of comic books and graphic novels, genre magazines, trading cards, etc., and puts out a monthly "Previews" catalog of work due to be released in a few months. Abrams took out this advertisement in the December issue (thanks to D.D. Degg for the scan).